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How to Prevent Furnace Issues

Keeping your furnace running effectively isn’t just a matter of indoor comfort but also a matter of keeping your family safe. However, it doesn’t do this on its own without some help from you over the winter. Consider these important tips to prevent furnace issues and unexpected breakdowns.

Check and Change Air Filters Routinely

Air filters are the protectors of the furnace, keeping harmful contaminants out while letting air through. However, letting them clog restricts airflow through the system, which increases operational strain. This can then lead to preventable breakdowns. Inspect your filter every month to check its condition. Expect to change it every 30 to 90 days for 1- or 2-inch filters.

Keep Your Vents Open and Clear

Just like your air filter, your vents play a critical role in air circulation. First, the system must draw air in, but it then must be able to push it out to prevent the development of unusual pressure. Further, the air pressure difference between the supply and return vents moves the conditioned air around your home for more even heating. Keep all of your supply vents open, and try to give at least 6 inches above and around each one to provide adequate room for airflow.

Get Routine Maintenance

Every manufacturer recommends getting annual furnace maintenance. During this visit, a technician cleans the system to reduce internal airflow restrictions. They also test the equipment extensively to ensure every component is working optimally. Finally, the technician will tighten mounting hardware and electrical connections to prevent excess wear on the system.

Fix Small Problems Quickly

Components working sub-optimally may not give any obvious indication to the common property owner. However, when a single component isn’t working optimally, it adds strain and wear to the rest of the equipment. Quickly fixing the small problems uncovered during maintenance prevents this excess wear, reducing the frequency and degree of repairs.

Use Your Thermostat’s Setting Programs

Most modern, digital thermostats come equipped with setting programs, allowing you to automatically change the temperature throughout the day. Most households have long periods during the day when no one is home, so the HVAC system often runs more than needed. Utilizing these programs to adjust the temperature down by 7 to 10 degrees reduces the strain and wear on your unit. Additionally, the Department of Energy suggests using these programs effectively can reduce your annual heating costs by up to 10%.

Replace an Aging Unit

A furnace may last 15 to 20 years when properly maintained. However, over time, it’s common to see a significant increase in repairs. Planning to replace your furnace before it suffers a catastrophic failure can save you extensively on repair costs and reduce downtime.

You can easily reduce the risk of furnace issues by attending to these simple tips. Call to schedule a furnace maintenance visit or replacement consultation in Wasilla, AK with one of the expert technicians at Hardy Heating today.