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Commercial & Residential HVAC Services in Wasilla, AK

In Wasilla, AK, Hardy Heating provides HVAC services for both residential and commercial customers. Our long history in the local area has enabled us to branch out into multiple different disciplines. Plus, we enjoy contributing to the South Central Alaska community by supporting local businesses. Our commercial services may be adapted to the needs of the customer in question, but generally are similar to our residential offerings, as listed below:

Boilers vs. Furnaces

You may be wondering which makes more sense for your home in Wasilla, AK: boilers or furnaces? At Hardy Heating, we service both boilers and furnaces with repairs. Plus, we install and replace boilers and furnaces in homes and commercial spaces. To decide which is right for you, take a look at our breakdown below.

Why Install a Boiler

Not every HVAC company in Wasilla, AK works with boilers and radiators because they are older heating systems. But, that doesn’t make them less worthy or useful. In fact, many people prefer boilers over furnaces for a number of reasons. For example, boilers are more energy efficient on average, especially newer boiler systems. They also do not require the same level of regular maintenance that furnaces do; a furnace filter needs to be changed every few months, while a boiler simply needs to be serviced by a professional once a year.

A boiler also tends to keep the air in your home in better condition than a furnace. A furnace blows hot air into your home, which, if you don’t clean your filters regularly, can become quite dusty. A boiler does not have this problem because it heats your home using water, not air.

Why Install a Furnace

Furnaces are typically cheaper and are more frequently installed in newer houses in Wasilla, AK. HVAC systems have the ability to include both air conditioners and furnaces using the same ductwork, so they work well in tandem if you intend to have both. Boilers, on the other hand, provide only heating, not cooling.

Furnace replacements and installations are often easier and take less time than getting a boiler installed. However, it’s important to keep in mind that if you already have a boiler, it likely doesn’t make sense to get a furnace unless you’re willing to have the proper ductwork added to your home.

A furnace also will not freeze if the power goes out, an important consideration when considering options for HVAC in Wasilla, AK. A boiler will have the problems inherent in any system run on water; it may leak and cause damage, or it could freeze and burst.

Air Conditioning Services

Air conditioning may seem like a luxury or excess in South Central Alaska, where the temperature rarely gets above 65 degrees. However, it’s completely necessary for many businesses and sometimes also for homes. It can keep you cool and comfortable during unusual hot weather conditions and secures the fate of any delicate electronic equipment or perishable items.

AC Repair

AC repair is not the most common HVAC service in Wasilla, AK, but it certainly is a useful one if you have any sort of cooling system in your home or commercial property. AC comes in all forms, including window units, portable AC, central air and more. The team at Hardy Heating knows how to repair whichever kind of air conditioning unit you have installed at home, and we’re always happy to recommend maintenance tips, as well as help you figure out when it’s time to replace your old AC.

AC Replacement & Installation

A new AC replacement does not need to be a hassle when you have Hardy Heating on your side. Our local experts know which kinds of AC units make sense for Wasilla HVAC systems in both homes and commercial buildings. You may not use AC year-round here, but it sure is useful when you need it, and a new air conditioner can be a worthwhile investment if you choose a model that will last with minimal maintenance. We will guide you through the process when you call us at (907) 917-4286.

Air Quality Services

If you are interested in keeping the air in your home or commercial building safe and comfortable to breathe, Hardy Heating has some options to improve the air quality in your space. These include the following: