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Anchorage Commerical HVAC Services

Finding a reliable commercial HVAC company in Anchorage, AK can be hard, especially if your needs are unique. Hardy Heating has worked with businesses in the local area for nearly 30 years, and during that time, we’ve developed a strong team with lasting knowledge about heating and cooling systems. We service air conditioners, furnaces, boilers and more for our prized commercial customers in South Central Alaska. We pride ourselves on reliable service, transparent pricing and a strong commitment to customer satisfaction.

Our Commerical Offerings

We work with commercial property owners to tailor our services to the needs of their businesses. If you have a specific request or requirement, contact us at (907) 917-4286 to check and see if we perform the service in question. Our standard commercial HVAC services in Anchorage and nearby areas include the following:

Why Hire a Commercial HVAC Company in Anchorage

You may be tempted to call a friend of a friend who knows something about furnaces to alleviate the problem that you’re sure is just an easy fix. However, while you may save money in the short term by hiring someone with less experience, you may also incur longterm costs as someone who does not frequently work with commercial systems may not know what exactly to look for when diagnosing an issue. At Hardy Heating, we have nearly 30 years of experience working with businesses as a commercial HVAC company in Anchorage, and we’ve learned a lot in that time.

If you’re still considering hiring a contractor with less experience to perform commercial HVAC services in Anchorage or the surrounding areas, read our list of reasons for hiring a professional below.

Licensed, Bonded and Insured

A professional, commercial HVAC contractor will likely be licensed, bonded and insured. These designations mean that the technician in question is qualified by local and state licensing boards to perform HVAC repairs and installations. They also mean that the HVAC company has taken measures to ensure both the safety of their employees and the financial security of customers in the case of an unforeseen accident. Rest assured that Hardy Heating is licensed, bonded and insured.


When you hire a commercial HVAC company, there is a certain level of professionalism that can be expected that you may not find with individuals who have not had the proper training. At Hardy Heating, we have an A+ rating from the BBB, proving our commitment to excellence in service and workmanship.

Niche Expertise

Some HVAC services may have experience with residential properties only. It is important to scope out your potential partner to know what their background is. If they have only worked on single-family homes in the past and you own a large facility or a retail store, seek out a different option. Commercial HVAC companies in Anchorage like Hardy Heating have done work on a variety of buildings with large, complex and nuanced HVAC systems.

Both Heating & Cooling Services

Many businesses in Anchorage require functioning central air conditioning, which is a less popular residential service in our chilly home state. That’s why it’s crucial to hire an HVAC technician that can handle both heating and cooling services. We understand that commercial buildings require temperature control all year long.

If you still have questions, give the team at Hardy Heating a call at (907) 917-4286. We are happy to chat with you about any HVAC concerns or goals you may have for your commercial property.