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man changing a folded dirty air filter

Here’s How to Get the Best Air Quality With Furnace Maintenance

Indoor air quality is more important than most people think. Poor air quality can leave you feeling fatigued or under the weather. It can also make allergies worse. If you want to have the best indoor air quality, you need to consider your furnace. Regular maintenance can help prevent your furnace from creating poor air quality. All it takes conscientiousness. Here are some basic steps that your HVAC technician can tackle.

Replace Your Filters

Your furnace filter is the first line of defense against poor air quality. These filters help trap dust, pet hair, and air pollution in your home. If your filter is dirty, then all those particulates stay in the air. Poor air quality from a dirty filter can make allergies worse, cause you to feel sick, or worsen lung problems. Your HVAC technician will swap filters during your regular furnace maintenance. Clean filters will also help your furnace run more efficiently. This can help reduce your energy bills over time. It will also extend the life of your furnace.

Get Your Ducts Cleaned

Your ductwork can fill with dust and debris over time. If it’s in your air, it can end up in your ducts! That’s why you should have them cleaned regularly. You only need a cleaning every two years, but homes with pets may need it yearly. You may also want to opt for more frequent cleanings if someone in your home has allergies. As a bonus, your furnace will work a bit better. It’s easier to push warm air through a clean duct than a dirty one!

Clean Your Furnace Too!

Your ductwork isn’t the only thing that needs cleaning. So does your furnace! That same dust can build up inside the furnace itself. This can make your furnace work harder just to heat your home. It can also make your air quality worse. That means you need to have the equipment cleaned. Your HVAC technician will clean up the unit during regular maintenance. Once a year is perfect for most homes.

Get Better Air Quality: Have Your Furnace Serviced

Don’t suffer with poor air quality. Regular furnace maintenance can tackle a lot of the issues that lead to this problem. Between cleanings, filter replacement, and inspections you can enjoy lower bills and better air quality. An experienced HVAC technician can make sure your furnace isn’t making your indoor air worse. We need our furnaces here in Wasilla, AK, so trust Hardy Heating for all your furnace needs, and call today to let us schedule your furnace maintenance!