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3 Telltale Signs Your Furnace Needs Repair This Fall

You’ll need your furnace system to function effectively and efficiently when winter’s chill arrives. Autumn is the time to call a technician ASAP if your furnace is unable to produce heat as expected. Here are three signs that your furnace needs repair this fall.

1. Sudden Increase in Energy Bills

If you have noticed your energy bills growing steadily over time, you may need to check your furnace and determine if it needs repair. A less efficient furnace will work harder than normal to keep your home comfortable during the cold season, and this translates to higher energy bills.

A lot of factors can affect the efficiency of a furnace. They include clogged air vents, broken blower motors, and dirty filters. Since it takes some skill and experience to spot these issues, you need to contact your local technician to help you fix them and restore the efficiency of your furnace.

2. The Furnace Emits a Strange Odor

The odor often comes from the furnace or the duct system. While the smell can vary depending on the issue, the most concerning one is the smell of gas. If you notice this odor, which might indicate a leak in the furnace system, it’s time to contact an experienced technician.

Another smell to stay alert for is the electrical burning type of odor, which is due to a seized blower motor. When the motor is seized, it can overheat and start to melt through electrical wiring connected to the motor.

3. Strange Noises

If your furnace system is making sounds that are far from normal, it’s a cause for concern. These weird noises may include rattling, scraping, squealing, banging, clicking, or humming. Different sounds may indicate different issues.

For instance, if there is an issue with the blower motor, then your furnace system will make a humming or scraping sound. Different screws and bolts hold the blower motor to the motor. If any of these are not tight enough, you may hear a rattling sound. A worn-down or frayed belt may make a squealing sound.

Other signs your furnace needs repair this fall include:

  • Poor heating
  • Discolored pilot light
  • Poor airflow
  • Blower motor that’s always on
  • Broken heat exchanger

A furnace system that is malfunctioning might affect your health or that of your loved ones. For example, a furnace with a broken heat exchanger may release carbon monoxide into your home, and this can prove hazardous.

It’s a good idea to have a technician inspect your furnace regularly so they can spot problems in time to keep you safe. For high-quality furnace repair and replacement services in Wasilla, AK, contact our knowledgeable team at Hardy Heating.