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The Benefits of Installing an Air Conditioner in the Spring

Spring is a transitional season to prepare you for hot weather, so an AC installation should be near the top of your to-do list. Unfortunately, this task often comes behind spring cleaning, gardening and seasonal item swapping. But including AC installation as part of your spring tasks has surprising benefits.

Flexible Appointment Times

Spring is the season to swap out your heater for your AC unit. Hardly anyone is thinking about AC installation now because the weather feels good. Customers care when the summer heat wave shows up. When they do, they make an appointment around the HVAC company’s schedule. That may mean waiting weeks to get your unit installed. That’s a mistake on a hot and humid day in Charleston.

Calling a technician to install your new air conditioner in the spring is the wiser move. You get ahead of the crowd, avoiding long wait times and scheduling issues. You get AC service immediately on the day that works with your schedule.

Cost Savings on the AC and Energy Bill

Summer is the worst time to install an AC unit because the prices skyrocket. Demand is overwhelming, which causes HVAC companies to increase their prices. Installing the appliance in the spring is cheaper because demand is lower, so installation prices are, too.

AC installation is also cost-effective for your utility bill. An old AC runs slower and uses more energy to meet the thermostat temperature. A new AC runs faster and uses less energy to cool the home. While you pay more for the unit and installation upfront, the savings arrive in the form of low energy bills.

More Time to Research

Spring offers a fantastic opportunity to research installation costs and AC units. There’s plenty of time to nab the best deals before summer hits. You can also wait a month or two to see if the deals get even better.

Some of the available equipment includes AC standalone units, ductless ACs, and heating and cooling combos. There may be deals, specials, discounts or coupons for AC installation, saving you money on labor or unit purchases. Tax rebates or credits on select AC brands or types are also available.

No Sudden Breakdowns or Emergency Repairs

Older air conditioners nearing the end of their lifespan are more likely to break down than newer models. An AC breakdown on the hottest summer day is frustrating. You must call the first emergency repair company available to fix the problem even if that means paying a higher price. When you install an AC unit in the spring, you can likely avoid summer breakdowns and keep your home comfortable throughout the hot season.

We know a hot summer day and a broken AC don’t mix. Our team will arrive at your home, remove your old air conditioner and install a new one. You will receive expert installation and superior customer service from experienced technicians. Contact Hardy Heating in Wasilla, AK for more information on AC installation.